Vestas - global branding

An exiting journey
It all started back in 2007 with the new website
, which was delivered two days before deadline. Then we got involved in the overall global marketing scope, defining a brand new corporate visual identity based on the soul of Vestas.

Once approved by both the top management and all stakeholders (through local tests and real life situations), we moved on to creating campaigns for local matters as well as differentiated political issues.


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The website


Based on interviews with the most important stakeholders, combined with thorough analysis of all web matrix reports, we launched in november 2007 - two days before a crucial deadline.

We asked: Which page on the new website would be the most important?
"The first page is always very important!"

Well, as 67% starts at the front page, about 1/3 of the visitors came from Google - depending on what they searched for. So ... every page must be the most important, hence we needed to define a purpose for every single page on the new website.

We only made it within both budget frame and time schedule because of the more than 100 experts working openminded together in true respect for one anothers expertise. "What a pleasure to experience a high performance network
", Vestas said.

Product presentations


At the time, Vestas V112 was the greatest wind turbine ever plugged to any energy grid. Therefore it needed a great campaign to present the unique product features.

At EWEA 2009 the Vestas V112 was launched with a huge exhibition stand and a great 3D movie to follow. And online you could investigate the great V112 at the dedicated site, also using 3D to demonstrate the high tech approach to the market. 

Being Vestas


Merging original and new values with both internal and external value propositions simply makes communication a lot easier.


Being GLOBAL or being NO 1 or INNOVATIVE, whatever, can mean 20.000 different things to 20.000 different employees. But if you have once made the effort of traveling back in history and all over "the world" of Vestas, you can describe the SOUL of Vestas.


The SOUL gives us a feeling of what it seems like, interacting with Vestas - no matter whether you work in the finace department in Beijing or putting up wind turbines in Colorado.

Look and feel



So what does Vestas look like?

Given the chance to create the corporate visual identity in a way that both stands out from the competitors and finds its own way, we challenged the industrial look and feel of Vestas.


Well, basically for an ad, you'll need a headline, some copy, a picture and a logo. Then you could a visual indicator to show that this is about wind industry. And of course, if you're looking for the perfect results in every contact point; yuo need a strong call2action.


All these elemnts were put at stake creating the new CVI for Vestas - and testet in every important market to make sure that it worked. And it did...



The demand for renewable energy was growing rapidly - and so was the need for skilled workers with both white and blue collars.


In China, Vestas was a foreign brand and thereby a safe place to work. In the states, it was a great opportunity to get bread on the table. In Europe, Vestas gave everyone a perfect opportunity to build a carrer.


Every contact point were optimised according to local findings, yet still rooted in the SOUL of Vestas.

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